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Chorotega Region (Guanacaste) is Most Downtrodden Region in Costa Rica

Posted by on Monday February 28th, 2011

RDF TOPIC AREA: Tourist / Real Estate Development’s Lack of Impact on Regional Social Development

Evaluation of the condition of the Chorotega Region (known also as Guanacaste) reveals that “despite the large real estate development, tourism, and agribusiness in the region”, it citizens are the most downtrodden having the lowest income, poor services and a broken down education system. This is the essence of the message delivered in Liberia, Guanacaste on February 18 by academics and researchers of the Institute of Research in Economic Science of the University of Costa Rica (IICE) in their report, “Evaluation of the Chorotega Region: Analysis of Territorial Competitiveness and the Labor Market. Among comments and opinions on the report, Professor Cipriano Torres of the University of Costa Rica (member of the research team of the Chorotega Headquarter) provided: It is incredible with the large amount tourism that we have that we still come in last place for social development in Guanacaste; something is wrong. Continue Reading Click On -> 2011.02.28, RDF Newsletter, Vol 11, Edition 02.28,

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