Las Catalinas Project Again in the Eye of the Storm

2015.11.11, Photo InsertRDF TOPIC AREA: Environmentally Damaging Development.

The Las Catalinas project is built in the middle of tropical dry forest on a plot of more than 600 hectares located north of Potrero adjacent to the beaches of Playa Danta and Playa Dantita in Santa Cruz, Guanacaste. (…) Since the inception of the project, the ASADA of Potrero has rejected giving it water because the ASADA lacked the required capacity. Moreover, water in the area is scarce. Nevertheless, the Municipality of Santa Cruz issued building permits for the project’s entire infrastructure, despite the fact that the project did not have a guaranteed supply of drinking water for its condominiums, homes, shops, gardens and swimming pools, as well as other works. Acting only on the basis of a 2008 request for a water well permit, the Municipality purposely ignored one of the municipal regulation’s minimum requirements for construction: “the certainty of available water”.

 More -> 2015.11.11, RDF Newsletter, Vol 15, Edition 11.11

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Confirmed: Hotel Riu To Face Criminal Trial

2015.11.10 Photo InsertRDF TOPIC AREA: Environmentally Damaging Development

Judge Lic. Adrina Sobrado Barquro has ordered the case of the Hotel Riu to criminal trial for the events that occurred with the destruction of forest and construction of the project in Playa Matapalo of Carrillo. “It is clear that three thousand trees were cut down, yet they claim it is not a forest; that they constructed a public road in the Terrestrial Maritime Zone [ZMT] without first changing the Regulatory Plan; that they built on an environmentally protected green zone; that they illegally constructed in the ZMT; that the Municipality of Carrillo and Municipal Council approved a Regulatory Plan for Carrillo that to date is not in effect; and that the Institute of Costa Rican Tourism [ICT] has not approved a Regulatory Plan for Playa Matapalo.” Read More -> 2015.11.10, RDF Newsletter, Vol 15, Edition 11.10

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NOTICE: Responsible Development Front Will Be Off-Line For A Bit

The RDF Logo Design 3The Responsible Development Front will be off-line for a few months. We look forward to you coming back then.


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Using Hydrants in Nicoya to Fill Water Tankers Is Legal

2015.08.22, Photo InsertRDF TOPIC AREA: The Struggle for Water in Guanacaste

Many residents of Nicoya have wondered about the constant refilling that certain water tankers continue to do in the city, as well as about the final destination of the water. The Voice of Guanacaste consulted Max Gomez, head of the Nicoya AyA office, who confirmed that these trucks have approval from AyA and the National Emergencies Commission (CNE- Comision Nacional de Emergencias) to draw water from a hydrant located in a lot near the Red Cross office and that it is used in communities affected by the drought. Read More -> 2015.08.22, RDF Newsletter, Vol 15, Edition 08.22

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