Costa Rica’s Supreme Court tells Talamanca: You can’t declare environmentalist expats ‘personas non grata’

Puerto Viejo DemolitionsRDF TOPIC AREA: Environmental Protection’s Unacceptable Dark Side

Two expats in Costa Rica have won an appeal against the local government of Talamanca, which declared the foreigners “personas non grata” in the Caribbean beach town of Puerto Viejo for being “environmentalists,” according to a statement from the Supreme Court on Tuesday. The Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court, or the Sala IV, ruled in favor of two appeals filed by Philippe Vangoidsenhoven, a 49-year-old Belgian man, and Carol Meeds, a 68-year-old U.S. woman from Florida, calling the municipality’s declaration “an intimidatory measure that directly threatens the exercise of their fundamental rights including freedom of expression and ensuring the protection of the environment,” according to the statement. Read More -> 2015.07.29.a, RDF Newsletter, Vol 15, Edition 07.29.a

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Condominium in Playas del Coco Uses Illegal Well: Water Board arranges well to be closed (sealed).

2015.07.29, Photo InsertRDF TOPIC AREA: The Struggle & Drama Over Water in Guanacaste

The approximate 104 tenants of the Coco’s Sunset Hill Condominium, located in Barrio La Chorotega in Playas de Coco, are using water from a well that has no drilling permit (nor concession). This was evidenced by an inspection document – of which La Voz de Guanacaste has a copy – by engineer Leonardo Solano, Bureau of Water Minae, filed February 24, 2014. (…) Lawyer Gabriela Paez, Legal Coordinator Water Board said that in late 2014 a resolution by the Water Board was sent by official fax to the condominium ordering the sealing (capping) of the well.  However, “it did not get any response to the fax”. Read More -> 2015.07.29, RDF Newsletter, Vol 15, Edition 07.29

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The Evolving “Mission” of the RDF

RDF Logo 1RDF TOPIC AREA: The Current Mission of today’s RDF

The “Mission” of the RDF has evolved into what it is today. Today, as it always has, it continues to provide relevant topic specific information gathered from the Costa Rica media and other credible news sources. For more, go to the “Mission” tab located at the top of the RDF homepage.

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Guanacaste canton stretches water supplies to support construction

2015.06.08, Photo InsertRDF TOPIC AREA: Consequences of Excessive Development

The City Council of Santa Cruz in the northwestern province of Guanacaste has continued to issue construction permits despite warnings of endangering the area’s limited water supply. Read More -> 2015.06.08, RDF Newsletter, Vol 15, Edition 06.08

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