Potrero’s Aqueduct is Back Under Control of the Community

2014.04.19, Photo InsertRDF TOPIC AREA: The Battle Over Water in Guanacaste

Potrero’s aqueduct is back under control of the community and national officials should never have intervened, reported Costa Rican daily La Nación today.

 The AyA takeover of the small fishing village’s aqueduct, authorized by a Santa Cruz judge earlier this year, was annulled last month by a Santa Cruz tribunal. (…) parties said they are hoping for a favorable outcome from a judicial arbitration set for August 2014.  Read More -> 2014.04.19, RDF Newsletter, Vol 14, Edition 04.19

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Villa Dolce Vita in Playas del Coco Constructed Without Building Permits

2014.04.08, Photo InsertRDF TOPIC AREA: Illicit Development & Its Consequences.

Since the year 2006, when construction of La Dolce Vita in Playas del Coco in the province of Guanacaste, district of Sardinal began, anomalies in the Municipality of Carrillo’s building permits for this project started to surface. (…) The Disputes Court, because the owner’s brought the case before it, has already ruled on the matter and ordered demolition. Read More -> 2014.04.08, RDF Newsletter, Vol 14, Edition 04.08

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Another Case of the War over Water in Guanacaste

2014.04.05 Photo InsertRDF TOPIC AREA: The Battle Over Water in Guanacaste.

In the province of Guanacaste, Daniela Gómez and Mauren Cerda live in the settlement of Inés Amador in the Canton of Santa Cruz. Just like their neighbors, Alex Cascante y Dayanara, every morning they bath in water that oftentimes leaves them more dirty than clean. And now, despite having fought for 8 years to calm their thirst for justice and clean water, they are forced to bemoan further delay of the aqueduct that they and their children so desperately need. In stark contrast, just a few kilometers away from their community, the Hacienda Pinilla Golf Course has changed the traditional landscape of the area. The dry forest and traditional plains of this beautiful spot have been divested of their originality by “lush green gardens” that encase an “18-hole world class golf course”. In stark contrast to the water with which Daniela and Mauren have to cook beans and rice, the water that irrigates the gardens and golf course and fills the pools of the associated hotels, and abundant housing estates and luxury homes in the area of Hacienda Pinilla is crystal clear. Read More -> 2014.04.05, RDF Newsletter, Vol 14, Edition 04.05

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In the Courts of Justice, Playa Potrero Wins the Battle Against AyA for Water.

2014.03.30, Photo InsertRDF TOPIC AREA: The Battle Over Water in Guanacaste.

Regarding the Rural Aqueduct (ASADA) of Potrero, the Criminal Court of Guanacaste declared “null and void” the resolution of a judge that allowed the raid on the ASADA’s offices and the appropriation of the wells of the communal organization. On March 17, 2014, based on Vote 57-2014 at 10 hours 46 minutes, the Criminal Court of Guanacaste (Headquartered in Santa Cruz) declared null and void the resolution of a Criminal Judge of Santa Cruz that order delivery of the Aqueduct of Playa Potrero to officials of the Aqueducts and Sewers (AyA), and that AyA end its raid on the offices of the Playa Potrero ASADA. Read More -> 2014.03.30, RDF Newsletter, Vol 14, Edition 03.30

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